Friulano senza solfiti aggiunti

Every year it is a particular satisfaction for us to be able to obtain a wine with this personality. In fact, we find the most traditional notes of the land of which he is a son; a character in some ways rude in a sincere and elegant way. The nose is manifested by fruity aromas in which strong hints of strong herbs are grafted seamlessly. In the mouth it is not denied; pleasant and persuasive, but with an aftertaste that makes itself felt.



100 % uve Friulano in zona D.O.C. Collio


Crush-destemming, maceration at room temperature for 5 hours and subsequent soft pressing; after 24 hours, separation of the coarser lees and then fermentation at controlled temperature at 18 ° C; maturation for about 6 months on the fermentation lees, without decanting.

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Each winery has a story to tell, made up of emotions and people who over time have perfected the Collio wine tradition.

ronco scagnetTasting notes

Organoleptic analysis:
Personal, strong, marked perfume of fruit and herbs. Soft taste, bitter hints, typical of Friuli, with notes that refer to dried fruit.

Analytical values
Alcoholic strength by volume (% v / v): 13.5%

Wine specsFood pairings

Si sposa alla perfezione in abbinamento con un bel tagliere di salumi e insaccati, nonché con formaggi freschi e portate a base di funghi, uova, pesce fritto o alla griglia, crostacei e molluschi della laguna. La struttura complessa e il sapore fruttato lo rendono un buon abbinamento anche per primi e secondi piatti cotti al forno.