Raggio di sole

Il Mavasia Bianco è un vino ideale per fare aperitivo, perfetto da abbinare con salumi, verdure in pastella, fritture di mare e con formaggi molto saporiti o stagionati.


100% grapes from Istrian Malvasia plants, from land located in Dolegna del Collio.

Each winery has a story to tell, made up of emotions and people who over time have perfected the Collio wine tradition.

ronco scagnetTasting notes

Organoleptic characteristics
Usually a wine that is not very alcoholic and slightly aromatic. Pleasant wine from
drink with citrus notes and good flavor.

Analytical values:
Alcoholic strength by volume% : 13, 5
Volatile acidity : 0.23 g / l HA
Total acidity : 5.9 g / l HT
Residual extract : 21.83 g / L
Residual sugars : 1.1 g / l

Wine specsFood pairings

Mavasia Bianco is an ideal wine to make an aperitif, perfect to combine with cured meats , battered vegetables, fried fish and cheeses very tasty or aged.